We talk a lot about preconception care.  Preconception care means getting your body as healthy as possible before you conceive.

At AIM Women’s Wellness Center, we are firm believers that taking the time before you start trying to conceive to get your body as healthy as possible has a HUGE impact on your chances of having a healthy baby.

There is often a lot of emphasis put on the woman getting as healthy as possible, but preconception care for male fertility is important too! It takes two of you to make a baby. The paternal partner gives 50% of his DNA to make a baby, and his health will transfer to the health of your pregnancy and your baby, short term and long term.

Starting at day 2 of fertilization the health of the sperm impacts:

  • the development of the embryo
  • the health of the placenta
  • pregnancy outcomes.

So, what are his options?

Check for overall health: Get a thorough health check-up and do what you need to get as healthy as possible.

Semen analysis: Since your sperm is responsible for 50% of your future baby’s genetic make-up and providing the essential building blocks of your baby’s long-term health, it’s vital to make sure the quality and effectiveness of your sperm is as good as it can be.

What most people don’t understand is that a semen analysis only looks at the number of sperm, the shape, and how they are moving.  This gives us a good picture and is important information, but it does not tell us how healthy the sperm are, or how the genetics of the sperm will impact the baby.

3 key things that can influence sperm health are:

  • Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Weight

Watch the episode of Tea with The Fertility Godmother below. Denise shared some valuable tips on preconception care for male fertility:

This episode of Tea with The Fertility Godmother originally aired live on Facebook.

Specifically, she talked about:

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