Your treatment may include:

Whether you experience one or more of the following, we’d like to help.

Digestive Disorders

Feeling tired, bloated, and gassy or experiencing heartburn and mental fogginess can signal digestive problems. A high-functioning digestive system is key to good health, so it’s one of the first things we evaluate in the AIM for Absolute Wellness program. Treatment plans can include a gentle cleanseacupuncturenutrition, and supplements to get your digestion back on track.


Not having enough energy takes a toll on overall quality of life. Fortunately, it can be treated with diet, exercise, and acupuncture, which stimulates the nervous system and blood flow. Acupuncture can also treat some of the factors that may contribute to fatigue, such as pain, depression, headaches, diet, environmental toxins, menopause, and PMS.


If you have been diagnosed with depression, acupuncture can be an effective and complementary therapy to medication and/or psychotherapy. We also provide massage, meditation, and breathwork support as tools to manage your emotional wellbeing.

Stress & Anxiety

Our fast pace of life, toxic environments, and other pressures can lead to stress and anxiety that affect body and mind. Acupuncture, massage, breathwork, and meditation are all effective modalities to reduce stress and anxiety. Diet, nutritional supplements, and cleanses can also help to address the underlying causes of stress and anxiety.


Many people experience headaches and migraines throughout life or at specific periods in time. You do not have to “just live with” headaches. We use acupuncture, lifestyle, and dietary changes to help you reduce or eliminate headaches without the use of medication.

Acupuncture is a natural, non-medicated therapy that works well and quickly to reduce headaches. In fact, a combination of acupuncture and diet can relieve most headache episodes. A series of acupuncture treatments can prevent migraines and headaches by treating underlying imbalances.


Pain can be triggered by old or new injuries, or can accumulate through stressful, sedentary lifestyles. Our natural medicine practitioners are skilled at treating a range of pain:

  • Neck and shoulder pain – acupuncture and cupping relieve muscle tension and spasms and promote relaxation. We can also evaluate posture and show you stretches and exercises to minimize future episodes.
  • Sports injuries – achieving the next level of physical training requires quick and complete recovery from injury. Adding acupuncture to your physical therapy plan accelerates healing.
  • Back pain – your back supports everything you do, so back pain can be debilitating. We use acupuncture, muscle-release techniques, ultrasound, cold laser, and cupping to decrease pain without medication. We can also evaluate posture and teach stretches and exercises to minimize future injury.
  • Arthritis and joint pain – acupuncture is an effective treatment to reduce inflammation in the joints. This safe, non-medicated means of controlling pain works for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Denise’s expertise has made me a better person in body, mind, and spirit. All I can offer her is my eternal thanks for the amazing gifts of good health, more energy, and less pain.

—Diantha A., Simi Valley, CA