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Being healthy, hopeful, and vibrant is every woman’s birthright. At AIM Women’s Wellness Center, we nurture women at all stages of life. This includes increasing fertility, reducing and eliminating pain, and caring for overall physical, sexual, and emotional wellbeing. We do so using a combination of Eastern and Western therapies, such as acupuncturenutritionChinese medicinal herbs, supplementscoaching, and more. You’ll work in partnership with us to ensure you reach your health goals.

Located in Los Angeles County, we serve Westlake Village, Calabasas, and surrounding areas. We also offer online consultations and programs for women and couples everywhere.

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14-Day Fertility Cleanse – Prepare to get Pregnant!

This virtual program for women and for couples will improve egg and sperm quality and get your body ready for a baby.

Learn more

5 Ways to Prepare for a Successful IVF: Free Webinar

Learn exactly what to do (and why) to increase your odds of conception during this free online educational seminar.

The Fertility Godmother’s Diet Guide – Free Download

If you’re trying to get pregnant, refer to this fertility diet guide to get your body healthy and ready for pregnancy.

Meet The Fertility Godmother

“I just love helping women get pregnant!”

– Denise Noyer-Erez

Meet Our Team

Specialists in acupuncture, massage, fertility, pelvic health, menstruation, menopause, and much more.

Your body is worth knowing well.

Contact us for empowering treatments, information, and health plans.

We provide knowledge and treatments that empower women. This includes treatment and support for: fertilitypreconceptionegg qualitysperm qualityadvanced maternal agepregnancy supportIVF preparationpainful sexscar tissueincontinencehormone balancingpainful periodsPCOSendometriosismenstruationmenopause including hot flashes, fatigue, depression, grieving, stress, anxiety, headaches, and other concerns affecting women’s health. We are holistic health practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicinenatural fertility, and other holistic health modalities.