Nutrition is so important when it comes to having a healthy body and reproductive system.  Specific changes to the diet can improve fertility, prevent recurrent miscarriage and support a healthy pregnancy.

But what exactly is a fertility diet?

A diet for fertility will look different from a normal healthy, nutritious whole food diet.  It’s is a way of eating that is supporting your body in its reproductive efforts while you prepare to conceive. This is a choice to nourish your body to prepare it for a healthy pregnancy.  

Here are a few tips to get started

  • Increase your vegetable intake. Make sure to include a variety of dark green, red and orange vegetables, as well as legumes such as beans and peas
  • Add fruit, especially whole organic fruits.
  • Include various sources of protein such as lean meat and poultry, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
  • Eat organic animal products.
  • Include 8-10 ounces per week of fish with low mercury content such as salmon, shrimp, pollock, tilapia, trout, and cod.
  • Eat whole grains.
  • Try to consume whole-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • Avoid soy products, ‘low-fat products, refined sugars, and processed foods.
  • Limit salt and sodium intake.

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Nourishing and preparing your reproductive system.

Strong, healthy eggs and sperm greatly improve your chances of conception. Your body begins to recruit your eggs about 120 days before they are released, and sperm is regenerated every 90 days. Therefore, whenever possible you should get started at least 3 months before you try to have a baby.

This will increase your chances of conceiving and give your child and grandchild the best possible starting point for being healthy.

Check out my blog Fertility Help: Steps to take to get healthy before you try to get pregnant, to see exactly what you can do to get your whole-body healthy and ready to conceive.