The decision to start your family is a life-changing moment.

From the moment you decide, you need to begin making preparations for your body to conceive. It is important to start thinking about how to create a healthy body for a healthy baby. You should begin this preparation at least 3 months before you actively try to conceive.  

In order to have a healthy body, you need to become aware of what you’re eating. What you eat does matter. Eating fast food instead of eating a home-cooked meal with fresh veggies and high-quality protein will negatively impact your body. The food choices you make directly impact your hormones, your egg quality, sperm quality and ultimately your ability to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.  That is why it is important to prepare your body for pregnancy with a fertility cleanse.

A fertility cleanse is when you rid your body from the toxins it has accumulated over the years. Besides reducing toxins, fertility cleansing will give you numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are:

A New Learning Experience

We’ll give you the tools and information you need to make a more informed decision about what you’re putting in (or on) your body. Some topics you will learn are:

  • Healthy Eating Crash Course: learning how to prepare for healthy eating.
  • Supplement Education: understanding how they help stimulate the detoxification process.
  • Planning for Success: meditation used to prepare your mind for a change in your lifestyle, grocery shopping lists, tons of recipes.
  • Fertility Exercises: gentle movements you can do anywhere to increase circulation and access to fertility yoga training tailored for your fertile health.

Learning more about these topics will empower you to make healthier choices that will help get your body in ideal condition for conception.

Reducing Your Toxic Load

Toxins build up from your surroundings, the environment, any processed foods, and even from daily stress. As they build up, they affect your hormones and eggs, while attaching to your ovaries and uterus. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them!

A fertility cleanse reduces the toxins by eliminating the foods/products that add to your toxic load and replace those foods with cleaner options.

For example, in The Fertility Godmother’s Prepare to Get Pregnant Fertility Cleanse, we will ask you to rid your fridge or pantry of alcohol, dairy, flour, processed foods and more. Then you will receive a list of nutritious foods to stock up on, such as veggies, fruits, nuts, and anything else.

If you want to know more about The Fertility Godmother’s 14-Day Prepare to Get Pregnant Fertility Cleanse, watch this video!

Beneficial to Conception

During the cleanse, you have to stop trying to conceive for a month.

Now hear us out.

It is perfectly normal to pause trying because…

  • the cleanse will allow your body to be the healthiest it can ever be, which is what you want for your baby, and
  • it takes a female’s egg 120 days to mature and form the best quality egg. For sperm, it takes 90 days to mature. During this waiting period, it would be beneficial to begin preparations for pregnancy with a fertility cleanse because it will help increase the quality of your egg and his sperm.

In the long run, stopping for a month and doing a cleanse will allow your eggs and his sperm to fully develop and be the best they can be. This will improve your chances of getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a healthy baby.

Newfound Energy

During the first few days of the cleanse, you may feel sluggish as your body begins the process of removing the toxins. Once you push through those days, you will suddenly find yourself having more energy than usual. With that new energy, you will find yourself being more attentive, not feeling as tired towards the end of the day, and being more productive.

14-Day Prepare to Get Pregnant Fertility Cleanse

If you have gotten this far, now is the time to take action!

Currently, at AIM Women’s Wellness Center, we offer a 14-Day Prepare to Get Pregnant Virtual Fertility Cleanse Program.

This program usually sells for $297, but in honor of Women’s Health Month, we’re offering our 14-Day Prepare to Get Pregnant Virtual Fertility Cleanse Program at a special discounted price of only $180. That’s more than $100 in savings because we are on a mission to help as many women as possible get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies and babies.

The Prepare to Get Pregnant Fertility Cleanse is made to help and support anyone that has:

  • Poor egg quality
  • Trying to get pregnant naturally or with IVF.
  • PMS or PCOS symptoms
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Have been on birth control and/or antibiotics
  • Previous miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss

If you have been trying to conceive for some time now and are not yet pregnant, this is something you can do differently that will change your body, and help you feel good about yourself again.

A huge benefit of this program is that it is all done virtually! There is no need to drive to a specific location. All you need is internet access, an open mind, and an urge to get your body in the best possible condition for conception.

Click here to begin your road to a healthy body, pregnancy, and baby!