On this episode of Tea with The Fertility Godmother, Denise was live on Facebook talking about some of the misconceptions around fertility fitness and she shared her recommendations for exercising for fertility health!

Specifically, she talked about:

  • the importance of finding balance and getting enough movement.
  • misconceptions around fertility fitness.
  • recommendations: tips for exercising for fertility health.
    • Walking
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Jogging
  • recommendations: exercising after ovulation.
    • It’s best to avoid heavy crunches after ovulation when you are trying to conceive.
    • Pilates is a great option because it strengthens your core in a safe way.
  • recommendations:  exercising with PCOS
    • It’s especially important to be active if you have PCOS.
    • Weight training & cardiovascular.
  • recommendations: exercising after IVF
    • Stick to low impact activities like walking or yoga.
    • It’s important to be very careful if you are on medication for IVF because your ovaries become heavier.

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