Aim for Absolute Wellness Detox

Kick sugar cravings, abolish nasty toxins, increase your energy and think more clearly!

5 days to set you up for success + 7 days of detoxing 

What's included ?

Pre-Training & Preparation: Pantry & Fridge Dump, Targeted Grocery Shopping, Supplement Usage & Education, Healthy Food Preparation for the Week, Motivation for the 7-Day Cleanse

Healthy Meal Plans: To nourish your body. Delicious easy and healthy recipes!

Organic Whole Food Supplements: To sustain your body during the cleanse

You will be set up to win: Gain a real understanding about what really works and or the truth about the foods you eat!

"I am so happy I did this for myself. I finally kicked all the sugar cravings and am eating healthier than ever before." - Armine B. Newbury Park., CA 

The AIM for Absolute Wellness Detox comes with 3 high-quality supplements!

  • SP Cleanse supports the body's normal toxin-removal processes.
  • SP Complete® Dairy Free for essential whole food nutrition in a convenient powder.
  • Whole Food Fiber for a good source of fiber from nutrient-rich whole foods, or 
  • Gastro-Fiber® supports the digestive system.
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Customer Testimonials

I am craving healthier foods and I have lost interest in the processed sugary snacks …

The Seasonal Detox is a guide to eating healthily …

“Before completing the Seven Day Seasonal Detox with Denise, I didn’t realize how much the food and drinks I was consuming everyday was really affecting me. I also didn’t realize how much bad foods I was regularly choosing. Of course I thought that I knew—but after only one day of the cleanse, I knew I was in for an experience. The first day was hard because I have a serious addiction to coffee, and I couldn’t imagine how I would get through the day without it. And to make matters worse, saying I have a ‘sweet tooth’ would be an understatement. So going into the cleanse, I knew I would have to come up with ways to go without sugar and caffeine, which to be honest, was harder than actually making it a week without. Denise gave me the idea to start pre-packing healthy snacks so when I was hungry, I had a healthy choice ready and waiting—this really saved me at the beginning. After I made it through the first two days, it got easier and dare I say, fun. I started to look forward to planning our meals for the rest of the cleanse and for the first time (ever), I even started to enjoy cooking! I noticed right away that I was waking up feeling refreshed instead of tired, I had more energy through-out the day, and less trouble falling asleep at night. As I learned about what foods work for me, and which ones don’t, it became natural to choose the organic over the processed, or to reach for a snack that is NOT packed with sugar and chemicals. Even now, months later, my cabinets are full of better choices. What makes this so great is that it never felt like work—even now, I am craving healthier foods and I have lost interest in the processed sugary snacks that I would have picked last year. Having a plan made it easier for me to stick to the cleanse, and creating safety nets for myself for days I was struggling helped me stay on track! After having finished the cleanse, I can say that I feel more confident to make more informed choices about what I put into my body (without having to think about it first)! I recommend this to everyone who is looking for a kick start into healthier habits.”

—Haley W., Los Angeles, CA

“This was my first cleanse experience and I had heard that cleanses were hard to fit in with your normal activities, the food was boring and not substantial, and that people tend to get grumpy while on a cleanse so warn your friends and family. All of the above proved to be unfounded.

Denise did call this a gentle cleanse, and that is the case. The food choices are not severely restrictive and you can eat as much as you want so you should never feel hungry. The number of pills you have to take each day is a drag and it takes some creative recipes to hide the powder, but those were the only parts of the cleanse that I had any complaints about. Eating fresh, natural food and staying away from pre-packaged meals with preservatives may take a little planning, shopping, and preparing, but I found the meals filling and tasty. I was amazed to find out that I had permission to eat nuts, avocados, and olive oil without feeling guilty.

Since I had pretty healthy eating habits before the cleanse, I really didn’t feel the cleanse was that drastic of a change, but after the cleanse there were things I looked forward to being able to enjoy again like cheese and wine. There were things that I have kept out of my diet such as sodas, and per Denise’s recommendation I have added a lot more fiber, try to eat less carbs, and I read labels to be aware of the sugar grams. And I am still happily enjoying a lot more nuts and avocados and cooking freely with olive oil.

The cleanse is not just a detox to temporarily get the bad things out of your system. I found it is also a guide to eating healthily and it makes you more aware of what you are putting in your mouth."

—Lynn G., Los Angeles, CA

Denise Noyer-Erez, a Fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Oriental Medicine, is licensed and board certified in acupuncture and Oriental reproductive medicine. She completed her Master’s of Science and a clinical internship in Oriental Medicine at Emperor's College in Santa Monica. She received further training in acupuncture at the International Acupuncture Academy in Beijing, China. Denise has also completed extensive post-graduate training in reproductive wellness, including: TCM Gynecology, fertility, support for IVF/IUI, pre and postnatal care, menopause, and pelvic pain. 

There is no one better in understanding the human body — this 12-day journey sets you up with healthy habits that will last. 


Denise Noyer-Erez, LAc & Associates 

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